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Welcome to the new Myoyu Dojo home page. Myoyu Dojo is a judo club in the Washington, DC, suburbs. We're a traditional club with modern techniques.

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Classes at St. Paul's CDC are temporarily on hiatus.

Overview of the Club

On hearing that we run a traditional club, someone once asked, "Do brownbelts have to wear white belts at your club?". No, we're not that traditional! In the American belt rank systems, all ranks above rokkyu now wear colored belts, and American judoists have come to expect this early recognition of accomplishment.

But we are traditional in the sense that we line up by rank, everyone is expected to bow to one another, Japanese terms are used, breakfall practice is mandatory, uchikomi (= "fitting", technique drills) are used extensively, the teachers may behave like drill sergeants from time to time, disobedient and/or lazy students will be punished, and we meditate at the end of every class. In addition, when 2 people work together, the higher ranking student always has the prerogative to decide who should be tori or uke first. (When the lower ranking person is still learning a technique, the higher ranking person is expected to pick being tori first, so that uke will learn the feel of the technique before being expected to do it.) Last but not least, our adherence to the samurai tradition is evidenced in the meaning of the word "myoyu".

But we're not traditional to the exclusion of modern techniques. For example, we practice yoko tomoenage, roughly 20 different versions of taiotoshi, the whole gamut of crossgrip throws and extensive matwork. For the more intellectually inclined, especially at the University of Maryland branch of the club, we analyze what make techniques work in terms of physics and mechanics, especially torque, composition and decomposition of forces, all 3 of Newton's laws of motion, and all of the simple machines (type 1, type 2 and type 3 levers, pulleys, inclined planes, wedges, etc). We use wrestling techniques freely, without disparaging them as base or crude compared to judo techniques. In fact, 4 of our people are current or former wrestling champions.

Myoyu Dojo is open to all judoka from all national organizations, but our primary club affiliation is with USJF. Judoka from other organizations will not be pressured to join USJF, and, to whatever extent possible, belt rank promotion via other organizations will be supported (preparation for examinations, promotional tournament information, etc).

Where We Are

We have worked out at 5 sites since 1974, and currently work out only at St. Paul's Community Development Corporation:

Who we are

Here are the members and former members of the club, in order of judo rank first and then alphabetically by last name.

We've had 5 blackbelts/teachers:

 Steve Seaquist Yodan (Profile available)
 Cpl. Tony Avendorph Sandan (Profile available)
 Bob Connolly Nidan (Jujutsu rank, judo rank not yet determined)
 Nick Wallach Shodan  
 Cpl. Frank Young Shodan (Profile available)

Current students, and former students who have earned rank or won a major tournament:

 Michael Depry Ikkyu  
 Bob Page Ikkyu  
 Daniel Taibi Ikkyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion
 Cecil Washington Ikkyu  
 Jim Jones Nikyu  
 Justin Miles Nikyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion
 Lamar Norris Nikyu  
 Cpl. Bobby Brown (retired) Sankyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion
 Robert Dillow Sankyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion, *, **
 Ryan Easley Sankyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion
 Greg Hanna Sankyu  
 Myer Harrell Sankyu  
 Shantanu Ray Sankyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion
 Chuck Shinska Sankyu  
 Sante Simms Sankyu  
 Riki Takeuchi Sankyu  
 Bob Vespico Sankyu  
 Debbie Wilhelm Sankyu  
 Hamed Ahmadinia Yonkyu  
 Stephanie Braun Yonkyu  
 Nicholas Cross Yonkyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion
 Todd Dirickson Yonkyu  
 Keith Gaskin Yonkyu  
 Tyrone Johnson Yonkyu  
 Milton Martin Yonkyu  
 AJ Watkins Yonkyu  
 Derrick Young Yonkyu  
 Jenee Young Yonkyu  
 Ta-ron Young Yonkyu  
 Leigh Zimnisky Yonkyu  
 Joe Axt Gokyu  
 Lance Davis Gokyu  
 Jennifer Dillow Gokyu *
 Keith Gaskin Gokyu  
 Charlie Martin Gokyu  
 Chrissy Martin Gokyu  
 Mikal Mohammed Gokyu  
 Trevor Randall Gokyu  
 Alexis Sietins Gokyu  
 Ronald Stith Gokyu  
 Cayla Spillers Gokyu  
 John Ma Rokkyu and Eastern Invitationals Champion
 Arthur Russell Rokkyu  
 Michael Spriggs Rokkyu and World Champion

  • * Rank at the time they were with Myoyu. Now higher ranking.
  • ** Later became National Champion several times.

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