Tony Avendorph

Tony Avendorph began his judo in 1953, when his parents sent him to his grandparents for summer vacation in Los Angeles, CA. Tony's grandparents lived in a predominantly Japanese-American neighborhood, and their next door neighbor gave lessons in their back yard. Subsequently, every summer until 1961, Tony spent 3 months out of the year practicing judo during summer vacation, until 1962, when he began training at the Hyde Park YMCA in Chicago, IL, under Senseis Jackie Thomas and Henry Barton. Tony was awarded his shodan (first degree blackbelt) in 1967, his nidan (second degree blackbelt) in 1973 and his sandan (third degree blackbelt) in 1999.

Tony has taught judo for the Chicago Park District, Chicago City College System and began a judo club at Western Illinois University in 1968.

Jackie Thomas' influence as a Chicago Police officer is partly responsible for Tony's 26 year law enforcement career with the State of Illinois, Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept and Prince George's County Police Department. Along with Steve Seaquist, Tony is co-instructor of the Prince George's County Police Judo Club. Tony also coordinated the judo competition for the 1992 International Law Enforcement Games ("Police Olympics"), and is on the Advisory Board of the United States Law Enforcement Judo Association, based in Corpus Christi, TX.

Tony is married to Priscilla Avendorph. They have 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

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