Steve's Pets

My dog Barney, previously featured prominently on this page, passed away about 3 years ago. Spice's sister Sugar passed away about 5 years ago. These are my current pets.

Spice is a Tonkinese female cat. I got that breed because they were reputed to get along well with dogs. Her color is called "platinum". The exact same color in a Siamese would be called "lilac point". This is a picture of Spicey when she was still a kitten:


Continuing the "sugar and spice" theme of my girl cats, Cinnamon and Pepper are Abyssinians, also a breed that gets along well with dogs. They're called the dogs of the cat world, in fact. Cinnamon is "ruddy", which is approximately the same brownish color as the spice cinnamon. Pepper is red, as in red pepper. They're from the same litter. Here they are as kittens (Cinnamon underneath, Pepper on top):

Here they are sleeping together. This is what happens when Spice lays down to sleep first and the Abys join her:

And this is what happens when the Abys lay down to sleep first and Spice joins them:

Given the opportunity, all 3 will fall asleep in your lap. The Abyssinians will tear across the living room at top speed for no reason, but Spicey's getting a bit too old for that. In addition to sleeping together, they play together, occasionally snap at each other and love each other very much.

Last updated 02/22/2009.